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ALMET EXPORT is the natural continuation of the national activities of our company abroad.

ALMET EXPORT answers to all your aluminium, stainless steel requests, and others noble businesses.

Strong of its setting-up at the heart of the European geographical space, and leaning on the whole logistic strength of the group in France, ALMET EXPORT became, for more than 10 years, a major interlocutor of all the French-speaking countries and of the biggest French groups that have organizations abroad. Therefore, ALMET EXPORT was able to build up very strong relationships with all the North-African countries as well as the main overseas territories and departments.

Our team only made of specialists of the export market and having a very good knowledge of the economic environment of the targeted countries remains at your disposal at any time in order to bring a solution to all your requests whatever they are technical, commercial or logistic matters.

Our appreciations are numerous and convey through a full set of services that we put at our customers’ disposal :

– A wide , competitive sourcing and that answers to the main standardization and quality constraints.

– One of the widest aluminium and stainless steel ranges of Europe.

– A personalization of our offer, through specialized centers allowing a very big diversity offinishing (slitting, uncoiling, sawing, plasma and water jet cuttings or surface treatment).

– A very big reactivity of our teams  thanks to a typical organization of a small and medium-sized business while benefiting from the power of a national leader in the distribution of metallurgical products.

– A dedicated logistic team guaranteeing you the best compromises for the chartering and the delivery of your goods.

Looking forward to meeting you and bringing you further information which you may need regarding our know-how , we invite you to contact us the soonest :

tel. : 00 (33)4 74 95 93 72
fax : 00 (33)4 74 95 93 55
mob : 00 ( 33 ) 6 07 34 98 61

Madame Thérèse PAIRE